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Granite Cricket Bell with Cowbell Mode

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The Granite Cricket Bell has a classic clapper bell appearance and a simple, but effective design and mechanism for the majority of situations. Better yet, it features the most ideal two modes of sounding, single-strike mode and cowbell mode. 

The Granite Cricket Bell features the most ideal two modes of sounding - single-strike mode and cowbell mode.

The single-strike mode is just excellent with its crystal-clear tone and impressively loud volume to make your presence known.

When pulling down the dome to cowbell mode, the motion of the bike activates the sound, and it really does a great job audibly communicating to other trail users.

  • Multi-mode bicycle bell for safer cycling on the roads and the trails.
  • Loud enough to ensure you're heard before you're seen.
  • Fits almost every bike and fits/removes in seconds with just one screw.
  • Tough yet light construction that will last for years.
  • Classic but modern bit of kit in a harmonious, balanced way.
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