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Green Oil White super dry chain wax 100ml

VAT included

For road bikes, triathlon, fixies and dry trails- Lubricates - Reduces chain wear- Its dry!Some people don't like using chain oil because it makes their trouser leg dirty on the way to work. Well, White is the solution. Simply, put it on your chain, let it dry, and it leaves a dry lubricating film on the chain. Dry lubes tend not to last as long as wet lubes, and offer less protection in the wet. With White, we're continuously improving the formulation to increase longevity and performance, with fewer applications between rides.Why use White? Its important to keep your chain lubricated. This reduces friction letting you go faster and have a smoother gear changes. A lubricated chain results in fewer chain replacements too.White is great for dusty trail riding. We do occasionally have dry weather in the UK, which White is designed for. In these conditions, you get more airborne dust which can stick to the chain. White is dry, so minimal dust is attracted. Its great for city riding too.White won't
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