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Broaden your horizons and push your limits with RANGE our new E-gravel bike powered by Fazua.

RANGE features a premium aluminium frameset based on our award-winning adventure platform. Weve paired this with the excellent Fazua Evation Motor known for its smooth natural power delivery and lightweight performance.

When tackling inclines or accelerating from a standstill the Fazua motor kicks in to provide up to 400W of assistance right when you need it most. Above the legal 15.5mph limit the Fazua motor disengages from your bike and becomes unnoticeable so you can focus on enjoying the ride without resistance. The battery is lightweight and easy to remove so you can easily extend your range and only every carry as much battery as you need.

RANGE features high performance components from the likes of Ritchey Sector WTB and SRAM for flawless performance over multiple terrain. The 1x drivetrain hydraulic brakes 45C tubeless ready tyres and flared bars are all the right ingredients to ensure RANGE is the perfect match to your sense of adventure.

RANGE is not just for new or less fit cyclists and it does not eliminate the satisfaction of having a good workout on the bike. Instead it enhances the experience of cycling enabling you to ride further faster or more frequently than you could before. Imagine having a strong leg day everyday! No matter your fitness RANGE will maximise your enjoyment from each and every ride.

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