We offer a full service and repair workshop.

Anything from a quick brake tune or puncture fix, to a full strip down and rebuild.

We are a busy workshop so it is best if you give us a call on 015394 33592 or drop us an email to book your bike in.

We try to turn around repairs on the same day and, as we are only a small shop, request you collect your bike promptly once the repair is completed.

We offer two levels of servicing for your bike as detailed below.  Not all bikes require this much attention, so we also offer a service by assessment for small repairs to get you back on the road as soon as possible.  We are only able to assess your bike accurately if you bring it down to the shop.

Please phone or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Servicing Price list.

All prices are for labour only and do not include parts.

Full strip down service   -  From £110.00

This service is a full strip down of all parts to the bare frame.  A thorough overhaul, this service includes:

  • Bike stripped down to bare frame, cleaned and checked for damage.  Threads are cleaned and greased.
  • Headset and Bottom Bracket once removed are cleaned, checked for damage, greased and reassembled.
  • Wheel hubs are disassembled, cleaned, checked for damage, greased and reassembled.
  • Wheels are checked and trued if necessary.
  • All moving parts are cleaned, checked and oiled.
  • Gears and brakes are aligned and adjusted accordingly.
  • All cables are replaced, inner and outer (these are included, does not include hydraulic hoses).
  • Brake pads are checked for wear (Replacement cost not included)
  • All nuts and bolts are tightened to correct torque settings, chain oiled and tyres inflated.
General Service   -   £45.00

This is a basic service recommended every 6 to 8 months for regular users, or dependent on usage.  It covers all the working parts but does not include stripping the bike down, cleaning or degreasing.  It does include the following:

  • Frame and fork inspected for damage and alignment
  • Headset and bottom bracket are checked for play and adjusted as necessary / if possible
  • Wheel hubs are checked for play and adjusted as necessary. Wheels checked for true.
  • Gears and brakes are adjusted and aligned.
  • Moving parts are oiled.  Nuts and bolts checked, chain lubricated and tyres inflated.

The replacement of cables and brake cables is common in a service and will greatly improve shifting and braking performance.  The fitting and cost of these is not included in a general service.  Replacement of headsets, bottom brackets and wheel truing is not included.

Individual Jobs.

We are able to carry out a full range of individual jobs and non standard servicing.  Pricing for these can be given once we have seen and assessed the bike.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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