Kindernay XIV - A new internal gear hub

So curious about the new Kindernay?  Come try one out for yourself on our Salsa Ti Timberjack demo bike.  Wondering whats so different to a Rohloff? 

Shift Instantly

When standing still, pedaling, coasting, braking, descending, while airborne...


Strong, robust, very long service life, handles the torque of an eMTB motor and rider, for years

Adjusted for Life

Just mount and ride. Kindernay gear systems are adjusted for life, and free of calibration

A New Internal Gear hub

The first internal gear hub designed to accommodate a 12mm thru axle.  At 1400grams it is the lightest 14speed hub gear on the market  This is made possible by an advanced planetry design, allowing 14 speeds out of 3 simple planetry series.

A new and versatile wheel system.

With this system the wheel is laced seperatly to the gear hub, allowing the wheel and gear system to be detached from each other with ease and mounted together again.

This means you can have multiple wheel sizes for the one bike, without the need to buy several hubs.

A New Gear Shifter

The k'ay Hyseq is a new gear shifter designed for efficient shifting and practical use in combination with the Kindernay XIV hub.

It's hydraulic similar to that of your hydraulic brakes, with a bladder for thermal compensation and bleed nipples on both actuator and shifter for bleeding.