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True Grit Gravel Bike Frameset - Curry Orange - Medium

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This bike has been on display and has a few marks, but nothing which effects the performance of the bike.  Please contact us for further details - 015394 33592

The True Grit is a versatile gravel and endurance race horse, with nerves of carbon. Blast through gravel, sweep the singletracks, float on asphalt or open a beer. Fitted with the Lauf Grit SL gravel suspension fork and beefy gravel tires – just ride!

True Grit Carbon Frame

By using advanced molding technologies, bonded junctions are avoided and internal surfaces are kept smooth. Resulting in longer continuous carbon fibers and less unwanted material overlap. Creating a light, yet strong frame. The bottom bracket is a threaded BSA. Yes, it’s more expensive to make than press-fit bottom brackets and it may add a few grams. However, its durability and ease of maintenance make it worth it. At the rear the True Grit boasts a 142x12mm through axle and a flat-mount for disc-brakes. The headtube is tapered (1.125” to 1.5”). There are 3x bottle cage mounts, and a mount on the top tube for a bento box. What does the frame weigh? 1070g for a size M frame in Midnight Blue, including front and rear derailleur hangers.

Long 4 Speed - Geometry

The long toptube paired with a short-ish stem, low headtube and a slack head angle give you a low and aerodynamic position with great stability at high speeds and in rough terrain. Making you Long 4 Speed.

In-N-Out Cabling

With In-N-Out Cabling, the rear derailleur cable and rear disc brake hose have entry points at the headtube, then they miraculously pop out at the optimal locations. No hassle and no annoying rattling inside the frame. Some might call it voodoo but we call it Lauf’ing Out Loud engineering.

Beer Or Gear

The Beer Or Gear front derailleur design opens up endless possibilities. Most True Grit riders are going to want the mechanical robustness and simplicity of 1x11 drivetrains. These riders will get a bottle opener where a front derailleur would otherwise be. However, there will be some road-biased True Grit riders that want to get the classically tight gear spacing of a road bike (while the gear range of a 1x11 and 2x11 is actually almost the same). These riders have the option of using SRAM eTap 2x11 drivetrains.*

*Our cyclist behavioral studies show that riders longing for tight gear spacing are least likely to have an après beer, so they'll probably not even notice that they are missing a bottle opener. They are also not likely to ride unsupported across Siberia, so we don't worry about dead shifter batteries. Hence, the True Grit has no cable routing for a front derailleur.

Right Amount of Clearance

The True Grit can take up to 45mm 700c tires* - with ample room for the elements. That’s a whole lot of rubber when things get dirty. We call it the right amount of clearance, and we managed to achieve it with our preferred 425mm chainstay length, without intruding on the space for the crankset.

*Bikes with eTap front derailleurs are limited to 40mm tires at the rear, due to battery/tire clearances.

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