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Jones Gnarwal and EVA Grip

VAT included


The Gnarwal is a simple single tube bonded to a beautifully machined two-piece clamp that attaches to the front of the Loop H-Bar with stainless steel hardware.  It provides a place to hold your hands and to better control the bike while in the most aero position that the H-Bar offers…It’s an aero bar for the H-Bar!

Improvements over the original version:

  • Wider clamp is stiffer and has a more secure grip.

  • One-piece face plate design with more clamping surface that is also easier to install.

  • Lighter design with the tube bonded onto the hollow machined clamp (original design used a bolt and wedge).

Gnarwal Grip

This grip is manufactured out of lightweight EVA Foam (weighing in at just 20g) and is designed to work with the Jones Gnarwal which has a 22.2mm outer tube diameter.  The grip itself is 165mm in length, an outside diameter of 34mm and a durometer rating of 50.  Adding this grip to your gnarwal allows for confident control with a more open handed grip when compared to riding with a bare gnarwal.  This grip is sold as a single grip with no bar end. 

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