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We love our dropper posts. Their remotes? Not so much.

It's not that they're bad- just that manufacturers' need to accommodate front shifters invariably leads to compromise. The result is levers that sit out of reach, force the hand to unwrap from the bar, and ask the thumb to move in strange ways.  

The ReMount product line addresses these issues by turning most cable-actuated dropper remotes on their side.  When used with one-by cockpits, this moves the remote lever from inboard of the brake lever to roughly where a front shifter's thumb paddle would normally sit. The ReMount's generous 30mm length and offset clamp allow you to find a remote position that keeps more of your hand on the bar and more of your mind on the trail. 


  • The ReMount is designed to work with cable-actuated dropper and shock remotes with pivots parallel to the handlebar center
  • We do not recommend the ReMount for RockShox Reverb remotes.
  • We do not recommend the ReMount for multi-chainring drivetrains (it sits where your front shifter does)

Remount 22 Specific

  • The ReMount mounts securely to all standard (22.2mm) mountain bike handlebars
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