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Outdoor Provisions - All Natural Energy Bar

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 We’re for the paddlers, pedallers and park runners.The weekend warriors, school-night explorers and back-of-a-napkin map drawers.The sunset racers, snow line seekers, and bridleway pacers. The padded of short, chapped of lip and salty of hair. We’re for the wild swimmers, kit tinkerers and footpath purists. The fly-tyers, mid-morning bimblers and most trusted belayers. The van lifers, camp makers, foragers and twitchers. The dog walkers, gear geeks and golden hour hunters. We’re for the fresh-air-heads

All natural ingredients
No refined sugar
Plant based
Plastic free,
Compostable wraps
Balanced energy release
Outrageously tasty 

Dependable. Portable. Tasty.

Dependable means an all natural bar that you can rely on for a balanced release of energy, that's easy to digest and made in the UK.
Portable is a product you can’t not take with you. One that travels well and arrives at its point of need intact, fresh and ready to sustain, in a wrapper that can be added to your household compost.
Tasty is unique flavours that aren’t sickly sweet, with a texture suited to being eaten during activity.

Available in four flavours inspired by the UK's national parks:

Bara Brith: Based on the rich fruity tea bread of Wales - fruity, tangy, get in my face delicious.
Cherry Bakewell: Sour cherry merged with sweet mellow almond to sock you right in the taste buds. 
Choc Kendal Mint Cake: Sweet peppermint with crunchy, bitter cocoa nibs - a nod to a UK adventure snacking legend.
Parkin: Treacly, gingery and fiery all at once. Don't mess with Yorkshire.

“These are all-natural energy bars with a conscience and,
better still, they’re tasty, very palatable and work well to keep
you riding. Recommended.”



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