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Shift/Hydraulic Disc Brake Force ETap AXS D1 Stealthamajig Connected Rear Brake/Right Shift 1800mm W/ Flat Mount 20mm SS


Wireless electronic shifting and hydraulic disc braking: the best of both worlds. The SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD shift-brake system integrates top technology into an efficient package and offers AXS for easy personalisation.

VAT included

  • AXS enabled for easy personalisation
  • Simple and intuitive eTap shift logic
  • Award-winning HydroHC brake platform
  • Textured shift paddles and hoods for control and comfort
  • Personalize for your hands and preferences using the Contact Point Adjustment and separate Reach Adjust
  • One port per side for Blips
  • Bleeding Edge technology for easy and clean bleeds
  • Lever orientation: Right
  • Brake orientation: Rear
  • Compat - Derailleur (Hyd): AXS
  • Brake lever material: LFRT
  • Shift lever material: Plastic
  • Colour - Housing/hood (SL): Black
  • Colour - Caliper: Grey
  • Pad type (Disc): Steel-backed organic
  • Bracket (Disc Brake): Flat Mount 20mm offset
  • Hose length (mm): 1800mm
  • Connectamajig Stealth-a-majig Connected

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