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M2O's Womens Anti-chafing cream takes the same approach as their groundbreaking Anti-chafing Cream.

This world first product delivers a three-in-one solution by preventing chafing, relieving discomfort and helping skin to recover after hours in the saddle, on the board or pounding the pavement.

When creating the women's version of our product, they did a lot more than change the look and feel of the packaging. M2O's approach was scientific, taking into account the physiological and hormonal differences of a women's body.

While men sweat on average 40% more than women, women experience chafing in different areas and often have more sensitive skin. Understanding these differences has helped fine tune a second version of their remarkable anti-chafing cream.

Through working with a profesional skin care researcher, they discovered three important elements were required to produce the world’s most effective chafing solution:

  • A concentrated solution: the majority of companies water down their products to make them go further and reduce production costs. M2O prefer to make the best product possible and manufacture it without compromising it’s effectiveness.
  • Vital Vitamins: With prevention, relief and recovery in mind, they researched all of the important vitamins that would address the three stages of chafing and figured out how to squeeze them all in to one tube.
  • Some like it hot: M2O’s Anti-Chafing Cream is an endothermic active product. In other words, it responds to body heat and continuously maintains a protective film, no matter if your skin is hot or cold.
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